Good For You, Chicago, But Here's Why I'm Back to Hating the Cubs

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November 3, 2016
Chowder and Gregr

by Gregr


There are a handful of teams that come to Safeco Field that drive me crazy. Not the teams themselves, it’s their jackass fans. What would normally be a one-third full Mariners game turns into a sea of people cheering like zoo monkeys at feeding time for the visiting team.

This year, it was Toronto. Stupid Canada* and your one team that everyone supports. NO WE DON’T HAVE PARKING FOR THE MOOSE YOU RODE DOWN HERE ON.

Boston, New York (Yankees), San Francisco, and Chicago (Cubs) also have teams that fill up our stadium with yelling, high-fiving idiots, full of beer and ready to run their mouths.

Let me take a moment to say that these could very well be lovely people when we’re not talking about sports. And yes, your meemaw that loves going to the ballpark because she misses Fenway is a whole other story.

Few things make me cheer harder and more vocally for the good guys (home team) than when these fans are forced to watch the Mariners beat up on 'em a bit.

She lived to 99yo and never saw the Cubs win a World Series! As a kid in NM, you really only had three choices for a team to like: The Dodgers (the Dukes were AAA), the Cubs (WGN), the Braves (TBS). GG lived in Illinois before NM, and so after preschool, she'd pick me up from school, I'd have a nap, then watch the Cubs on TV. Sandberg, Grace, the Hawk were my favorites. GG is gone, but I have this hat now. Also, go #Mariners!

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When it comes to the Cubs, I sort of get it. I grew up watching the Cubbies on TV with my dear old grandmother, a tough and rigid woman who did things with authority #RIP. That part of my family is from just a bit outside Chicago and she never stopped rooting for the Cubs. Like so much of this country, she spent every summer enjoying baseball on television by putting on WGN - a Chicago station that has the rights to the Cubs games. I knew those 80s team so well - Ryne Sandberg was my favorite - and I can only imagine that my story is like many others.

Last night, I put aside my singular love of the Mariners, took my Cubs hat off the door hanging rack, and cheered for the Cubs to break the 108-year-old curse. Do it for Grandma, Cubs.

Today, I find myself thinking about how much I loved those 80s Cubs teams, yet how this World Series victory does little for me. It’s because of those moments every few years when the Cubs come to town for interleague play, I watch a bunch local fans of a baseball brand turn on the home team.

My brother lives in Chicago. He’s a Sox fan. When I visit there, sometimes a group of people wanna get together and see the Cubs. I’ll still always take that offer because Wrigley Field is fun. Like a big dumb hypocrite, I would definitely cheer for the Mariners BUT AT LEAST I TRAVELED THERE. So I guess that’s it. If you travel to see the Cubs play at Safeco, a summer holiday perhaps, then fine.


Cheer for your dumb Cubs.

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*Sorry, Canada, you’re a lovely country that I very much enjoy, just not at Safeco.