Gregr's Top Stuff of 2015

Here's a bunch of stuff that ruled in 2015

December 24, 2015

Thumbs Up! It's been a wild year, one in which I tried to grow my hair long. I quickly became disgusted with the birds nest of terribleness and went back to Jenn at Rudys! What I discovered this year is that I listened to too many podcast, watched very few TV shows but tons of English soccer, yelled my face off for Seattle sports, and saw some incredible live performances. Also, as seen above, I got to run around on CenturyLink field for charity!


Best Album of 2015
Baroness Purple
After a near fatal bus accident following the release of Yellow and Green - an ambitious double LP - this is the Baroness album I've been waiting for. How would the band respond? Well, two dudes left and it took a year of healing broken bones for the rest before the process could get underway. Whatever torment went on during that rehab, the band has used it to grow. It's closer to metal than The End would normally dabble in, but their riffs throughout the years have been second to none. I can put this on in the company of my Elton John loving fiance, and she's cool with it. This record narrowly defeated Father John Misty's I Love You, Honeybear - a front runner all year.

Others in my top albums:
Courtney Barnett Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I just Sit. She's just wonderful
Tame Impala Currents
Grimes Art Angels

Best TV Show
The Jinx. This was a tough one because I haven't finished watching Fargo Season 2. So far, it's the best. But there was nothing quite like watching the tale of Robert Durst told by a weird guy with strange facial hair that never felt real to me. A gazillionaire that appears to have been behind some pretty crazy deaths, it's his sociopathic ticks and bizarre phone calls that kept me wanting more. If you haven't watched this bat shit crazy series, it's time to get on that HBO Go account and stream it! 

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt were both excellent as well ;)

Star Wars Capped off 2015!

Best Film
Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Duh.

Kung Fury!

Best YouTube
Kung Fury. Look, I'm sure there is actually better stuff that I can't remember (slow down on the weed in college, dummy), but this is the video that stands out everytime I think about it. Also, it's the reason a year or whatever ago we got this:

Best Podcast
Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank - My favorite podcast of the year regularly leaves me thinking "what an asshole". I love this guy and his ability to be comfortable with himself - I don't always agree with his trolliness, but the way he doesn't sweat heat from the top is something I wish I could do more frequently. We could all learn to be more comfortable in our own skin.

Others: Men in Blazers this could have easily been my top, i sorta just arbitrarily decided the other in the moment, Our Dumb Podcast with Gregr and Manley ("you included your own?" says my gf), 99% Invisible, You Know What Dude, Tuesdays with Stories, Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.

Best Video Game
Though I only briefly had a chance to play, I have to say Star Wars: Battlefront was the most fun game of the year - I smartly avoided playing Fall Out 4 and Witcher 3... those things will take allllll your time. I gave a majority of my time to Clash of Clans and Final Fantasy IV - both for iOS. FF4 was so fun to go back to. In holding true to my natural behavior, I avoided finishing it so it didn't have to end.

Gregr + Manley at Starfire Stadium

There was a ton of other great stuff to happen in 2015, but I'll never forget the opportunity to do something crazy with one of my friends. Before Sounders FC season kicked off, we approached the team about doing some broadcasting for Seattle Sounders FC 2. They were launching a new junior team to get a lot of up and coming talent some minor league experience within their own organization and we wanted in. When Heidi, Tasha, Branden and the rest of the crew agreed, DREAD SET IN! I've done radio for more than 20 years now, I know my way around a station - what I have no experience doing: sports.

I have to throw a huge amount of respect the way of my friend Ross Fletcher and the same 20-year journey he's gone down chasing a dream of doing something fun and pretty unique. We got to call three matches this season, he's done hundreds and it shows. He'll be missed at SSFC next year, but I'm glad we sent him off right!

Ross Fletcher Super Head!

Beyond meeting/interviewing Stone Gossard, getting some sweet Rollerblades, being gifted my first Seahawks jersey (from the King of Rentonia), I got engaged to a wonderful woman, saw a bunch of ballet (see engagement), went to Pippin, and got to run around freely in the Paramount. 

Capping things off, I had a blast this year and these two pictures do a bang up job of how much fun it is to work for 1077 The End. Remember, we sit in a small room talking to ourselves - getting out into the wild of a Seattle Summer day and hanging out with you makes the job complete.

The End On-Air Staff!

The End On-Air Staff and friends!

Thank you for a rad 2015, we'll see you in 2016 for another year of beers, albums, Facebook comment wars and more!

With love,