Hayley Williams Makes Chart History

She pulled off a feat no other artist like her has managed

May 21, 2020
Hayley Williams

Atlantic Records / Lindsey Byrnes

Hayley Williams is the first female artist to top the Billboard Top Rock Albums chart in both a group (Paramore) and again as a solo act. Way. To. Go.

Petals for Armor dropped earlier this year and that locked down, music listening, hungry for art life we're collectively living has us bumping it to number 1. 

It sucks that it took this long for the accomplishment to be reached and I'd much rather the story be interesting solely because she pulled off the incredible feat of topping the chart twice, once as both regardless of sex, but at the same time, she's rad and I want it celebrated. 

I wonder if she'd hate me for this, but since the orange haired kid belted it on radio stages around the country, she's always demonstrated an eye for the importance of visuals. The three videos she's released for the album continue to show that eye. Here's a break down I'm watching about the trilogy:

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Via Loudwire.