Help Me Survive Vegetarianism

I'm taking a month off of meat, didn't realize the burrito impact.

February 3, 2016

I'm so hungry, that penguin looks tasty...

*UPDATE* The samples at Costco sure are less fun when you can't eat meat...

I don't care for New Year's resolutions. I usually scoff at them cynically from afar, mocking people for having hope. For 2016 I'm trying something new: I'm trying to drop the cynicism. In 2016, I've decided to try tackling different tasks every month to make myself a little bit better at various things. I know myself pretty well, and I only can focus on an interest for about 3-5 weeks before something else comes and steals my attention. Usually, a year or so later I'll return to the previous fixation and give it more time.

At the beginning of European soccer season, I heard two brilliant verbalists using the most wonderful language to describe the beautiful game. I instantly felt totally lame about my own language skills. When thinking of ways to improve myself at the kickoff of 2016, it dawned on my that I could stand to work on my writing. I jumped into a daily writing routine specifically to practice my simile and metaphor*. Five minutes a day pays off quicker than an electric eel shocks you at a fence peeing party! Nailed it.

It's not that bad, Gregr

For the month of February, I've taken on a much tougher challenge. I've quit eating meat! To be fair, I live with a beautiful vegan woman who's also quite the cook. In the last year, I've lived my day time as an omnivore and my nights as a veggiesaurus. You'd be surprised just how much vegan junk food there is and how awesome it tastes. 

The night before kicking off this month-long endeavor, I cooked this beast:

This steak may be a little too raw...

That may be a little too rare...

Today is day three of the challenge, and I didn't know how much I would miss burritos. I went to the gym yesterday and my favorite burrito joint is right next door - I COULDN'T HAVE ONE! At least I couldn't have the adobada pork baby burrito... The worst. It's still too early to say I feel any differently and I'll be curious to see if a month is enough time for any serious health benefit. Pepper told me about this list of vegetarian restaurants

It's actually way easier than I assumed. I can still eat eggs for protein (which seems super weird since they're just baby animals batter), and bean burritos are okay, I guess. I already think veggie pizza is pretty awesome since meat gives me heartburn. What should I make for game day on Sunday? DAMN IT I FORGOT ABOUT THAT!

Your suggestions in the comments would be appreciated and I plan to keep you up to date with my progress/struggle.

*on first writing, I misspelled metaphor "methaphor" and that made me giggle.