UPDATE: Stolen Bonsai Returned!

Some giant jerk stole two trees (and then returned them)

February 11, 2020
Stolen Bonsai

provided by Pacific Bonsai Museum


The two stolen 70+-year-old each bonsai trees have been returned! 

Hooray! Also, I'm hereby calling off my 1000 generation pteradactyl hex...

Here's the original sentiment.

Two 70-year-old bonsai trees were stolen from the Pacific Bonsai Museum. A post on their Facebook page broke the terrible and bewildering news.

Yo, the victim blaming in the comments does literally no one any good. "Should have had cameras" doesn't solve anything. Wanna make your voice useful - share the dang story.

Also, they did have cameras!

Come to think of it, how many people have Ring or the like style cameras outside their homes and still have packages stolen?!

Anyway, good luck to the Pacific Bonsai Museum and may a swarm of flying laser-proof pteradactyls torment whomever is behind this stupidity for a thousand generations!