Help Us, US Open Cup - You're Our Only Hope

Sounders FC, Euro 2016, Copa America - All Going Poorly.

June 30, 2016

My goodness, it's been a miserable week for soccer for Ross Fletcher. First, we call it soccer all the time, then he has to watch his home nation (England) get booted from Euro 2016, his host nation (USA) get stomped out by a crushing Argentina, followed by another loss to Columbia, and then losing watching Sounders FC do whatever that was on Saturday at CenturyLink Field.

Poor Ross.

Luckily, it's only sports! It's not like his birth country voted for xenophobic reasons to leave the EU... oh, that happened. 

Sorry Ross.

Listen to us find the only highlight in a terrible week: Tyler Miller. This kid is so badass, he might be a hairless Chewbacca.