Here's How To Get Out Your Seahawks Frustrations

Craig is a huge Seattle sports fan, and he's in town this weekend

January 22, 2016

I first met comedian Craig Gass when I drunkenly hit him with a rolled up #VedderCup banner in the seats of San Diego's Petco Park. My awesome friend Kool Keith says:

"oh sh**, it's Craig Gass"
"The comedian?" 

He followed us up the stairs and we became pals. Craig's a huge Seattle sports fan, and like us, he traveled to San Diego to see his team play.

Kool Keith, Craig Gass, Gregr

Craig lives in LA and does comedy from the Comedy Store while also traveling the country telling his brand of Seattle Sports centric stand up comedy! Look, he's had some awesome chances to get access to the Seahawks including making Russell Wilson think he's an idiot - this is my favorite:

Craig tells these stories on stage and plays The Neptune Theatre tomorrow night (1/23). It's the perfect way to work off that post-Seahawks hangover still lingering from last weekend's fizzling end to the season. People go bonkers to come support the Seahawks and hear jokes and it's gonna be the perfect way to transition into the off-season. He popped in to get me fired up for the show: