Here's How I Spent My Winter Break

Pants were worn most of the time...

January 6, 2020

Winter break was more than just seeing Star Wars three times. Two glorious weeks of (terrible) sleep, my toddler (often screaming at me), and all that glorious holiday food (while hating my own body) - what a wonderful way to spend my winter break!

This little turd decided to wake us up every single morning between 3:45-4:30a:

Shaggy the cat

Don't let his cute little face fool you, he's the devil.

Anyway, here's what I got up to while on break!

I saw a bird:

Cool bird - looks like a heron

I made some hats:

Knit hat

Watch soccer with these nerds:

The crew

Grilled these steaks:


Also, I bought a $30 pie and forgot to take a photo of it to remember what an idiot I can be for food.

With so little activity, I recognized that things had gotten bleak in my motivation department the day I showed up at Sprouts to buy oat milk and I was wearing slippers in the rain.

But hey, we finished strong with LEGO!

Dinosaur Fossils LEGO

All in all what a fun time! My wife told me that taking care of my boy isn't "babysitting" it's actually "parenting." Looks like I need to work on my parenting skills. Maybe I can do that in tandem with addressing how in the last year I reached a new level of disappointment on the bathroom scale. 

Sometimes playing out the sit-com tropes can be a silly look at a greater life perspective. Becoming middle-aged while fattening up is not one of those times. Knowing these ideas and not addressing them until the barrage of "new year's resolutions" commercials and marketing is one way to start the year feeling miserable about yourself.

All I can say from this phase is that you have to surround yourself with people who push you positively and not be sucked up by the gravity well of negativity that lurks in so many relationships. Here's to starting 2020 with a positive internal dialogue and stopping calling yourself names while struggling through life.

The Gregr Family