Here's How That New Tunnel Will Work When It Opens

What a mess, you need to watch these videos.

January 22, 2019

Igor Sokalski // dreamstime


When the brand new SR-99 tunnel opens and starts taking cars on the two-mile journey under downtown Seattle, here's how it will work.

Wait a second, this thing pour everyone out right into something that we already call the Mercer Mess? And not even directly, you'll still have some long left turn arrow traffic lights to deal with before you can even block the box turning right onto Mercer St. Yikes.

Here's what things'll look like when headed south into the tunnel.

Wait, there's only a single lane to access the stadiums once you exit the tunnel? lol, ok. 

Here are two more video for how you get in the tunnel from downtown or the Seattle Center. Gameday is going to be insane:

Yikes. I had been pretty excited about the tunnel as a cool bit of tunneling tech under the city until I watched these videos. I see a lot of one-lane options and potential traffic problems thusly created. Having watched all four videos, this now seems pretty confusing and frustrating. Crossing my fingers for a good outcome. 

Just remembered that this is a toll tunnel and got bummed :/