Here's how we're spending Thanksgiving at The End

November 22, 2017


The wizard of time must have cast haste on 2017 as this year flies by like a greasy turkey being bowled for charity. Thank you for stuffing another 365 full of fun by goofing off with us everyday on the radio, in person at all our events and shows, and online in the comment sections of our social media. We try to be thankful all the time of the incredible community of nerds here in Washington, but I'm curious to find out specifically what the dummies I work with are grateful for! And while we're at it, lets find out what's on their plates this turkey day...

Manley - on a comfy couch
I'm thankful for the improvements in the quality of stretch jeans.  I’m a guest at someone else’s Thanksgiving feast this year, which means my usual plan of spending the day in sweatpants as I will consume enough food on this day to go up two belt notches has been thwarted. Yet I still need trousers that expand with my waistline. Thankfully Levi’s makes a great stretchy jean, that isn’t too tight as to look like dude yoga pants while still allowing for some growth in the waistline area.  Practical AND fashionable, you guys!

Manley's 3 must have sides:

  1. Stuffing..unless there’s raisins or anything weird in it. Then that stuffing can go to hell
  2. Green bean casserole- you know, the one with the fried onion straws all over the top.
  3. Rolls - two reasons. 1. you need something to sop up all the leftover gravy on your plate. 2. you can use them to make leftover turkey sandwiches!

Alyssa - shipping off to Boston
I am thankful for my dog, Nix. She may not feel the same way about me because poking at her face while she's sleeping is my favorite thing to do.. but she is my best friend and we've been through some big changes together the last couple of years. She's my world. This year I'll be shipping off to Boston to spend Thanksgiving with my very big, loud Italian family and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's the one day of the year where all of us are under one roof and it's total mayhem! But also, the best. :)

Alyssa's 3 must have sides:

  1. I MUST HAVE mashed potatoes (hold the gravy)
  2. My mom's stuffing
  3. Apple pie! Yes, I said apple. 

BrandenFromTheInternet - Hosting dinner for the first time ever
I got married over the summer and this is the first big holiday as a married man so we went  the hosting route. I'm thankful that my wife is an amazing chef and that I get to try helping while also trying not to ruin the delicious things she makes. I'm also thankful that almost everyone in my family was a ballet dancer at one point. It's going to make cramming us in our tiny apartment a whole lot easier.

Branden's 3 must-have sides:

  1. Brussel Sprouts.
  2. Deviled Eggs
  3. More baked potatoes than I could possibly ever eat, but will try to eat anyway.

Gregr - Friday Harbor with my family
I'm thankful that the AI hasn't gotten smart enough to enslave us and that we have yet another year to prepare to destroy the robots. Also, I'm thankful for the happiest little baby boy that joined my family at the end of the summer... we're already teaching him to shoot laser weapons at the toaster.

Gregr's 3 must have sides: we did a whole podcast about this and I already can't remember what I said...

  1. Mashed potatoes drowning in gravy - I want my meal to be more like thanksgiving stew!
  2. Some sort of green stuff to pretend like i'm not just 100% eating only gravy
  3. Stuffing - my dad put olives in it and it ruined stuffing for me for literaly 20 years. I'm back, but let's keep it simple, k?

In conclusion, I had no idea that Alyssa didn't put gravy on mashed potatoes and that I've been working with a monster all this time... Happy Thanksgiving!