Here's How You Can Be A Contestant on the Price is Right Live show

Evidently, you don't need a ticket to get on stage.

June 11, 2019

gettyimages // Terry Wyatt


The Price is Right Live is a stage show packing the Moore Theatre full of butts tonight to watch people try to win stuff. They'll be playing the silliest of games that we all grew up enjoying. Tonight it's in Seattle (6/11/19-6/13/19) and you can be a contestant. Look, I'm just gonna post a few of the bullet points of the official language listed at, you can read them all yourself. These are just the basic points:

"The Price Is Right Live™ is the hit interactive stage show that gives eligible individuals the chance to hear their names called and "Come On Down" to win. Prizes may include appliances, vacations and possibly a new car! Play classic games just like on television's longest running and most popular game show…from Plinko™ to Cliffhangers™ to The Big Wheel™ and even the fabulous Showcase."

  • Registration takes place day of show, prior to each performance.
  • Beginning 3 hours before showtime (8p showtime in Seattle)
  • Having a ticket to the show does not influence your chances of getting on stage
  • You can only register yourself, can't fill out a card for Jenny or Enrique or your pet velociraptor or anyone else.
  • Make sure you're there for the drawing - you can leave, just get back in time.

Wouldn't that be bananas if you got to play for whatever random prizes they have here in Seattle?! Drew Carrey does not host the traveling live show but Sounders FC does play in Tacoma tonight... If you do make it on the show, hit me up so we can have a good laugh about it together/invite me to your volcano super lair (I assume that's what you'll be competing for tonight).

Again, here's more/official info so you can see the main rules and stuff.

Good luck and please please please I hope you get a chance to bid $1!