Here's What Our Return To "Normal" Will Probably Look Like

With testing, things should be better by July-ish

April 22, 2020
Terrible graphic

obviously by Gregr

The uncertainty of how things will progress sucks. Luckily we have smart people who understand math/stats to help make it easier. See the video below.

To people like our officials who say the governor has no plan (within 24 hours of Governor Inslee announcing the plan), here's what our return to "normal" will look like this summer.  It's not just some random person making it - this is desinged by a mathematician analyzing "a bipartisan group of experts in every field have agreed on a plan for #HowWeReopen." Heads up, it looks likely that my friends who are non-essential but can't work from home like nails and hair, you're going to be the last to return.

She mentions right at the top and again at the end and everywhere in between that this is all reliant on available testing. Without testing we have no idea who has the coronavirus and how we're spreading it. It means even when we reopen, the chances of having to close it all back down again are realistic. 

Think about all the stuff that without tests, we won't have:

  • School - your kids will destroy you
  • Live sports- i'm not watching two dudes play Madden 2020
  • July 4th bbq - you'll have to eat wieners by yourself
  • Restaurants, bars, and clubs - sad.
  • Live Music
  • Haircuts (by professionals)
  • Jobs bc robots don't get coronavirus

Stay home. Stay healthy. Stay connected.