Here's when I-90 is shutting down for the Blue Angels shows

Blue Angels are the best, traffic is the worst.

August 1, 2017
Blue Angels over Lake Washington

by Gregr


It makes perfect sense that with gazillion dollar super jets flying dangerously overhead, we should definitely shut down I-90. There's probably a good reason they don't shutter 520, but I don't know what it is, and whatever. They don't.

In a region where traffic is terrible, having one of the gateways to the east side closed means unless you're catching a lift on an F-18, travel is gonna suck. Getting to stand on the ends of the I-90 bridge does look pretty cool though.

Here are the times where things get shut down and when you should be looking for a great place to watch the action.

Punch it, Chewie! #blueangels #seafair

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  • Thursday (8/3) 9:45a to 12:15p and 1p to 2:40p
  • Friday (8/4) 12:55p - 2:40p  (Seafair Air Show)
  • Saturday (8/5) 12:55p - 2:40p (Seafair Air Show)
  • Sunday (8/6) 12:55p - 2:40p (Seafair Air Show)

A couple years ago they came to town during a Mariners day game:

Maybe the #BlueAngels just spooked Felix?? #Seattle

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