Hey Langley, What's Up With All The Bunnies?!

I Ain't Mad, I Was Just Pleasantly Surprised!

August 25, 2020
Bunny in Langley, WA

by Gregr


You don't really need an excuse to hop on a ferry, shoot on over to Whidbey Island, and have a nice morning enjoying Washington summer because the Whidbey Island is home to Whidbey Island Bagels and that's reason enough. If you're gonna make the trek all the way over, maybe you head up north to Deception Pass (while eating bagels), or stop in a coastal town like Coupeville. Perhaps you keep driving north to Fidalgo Island and eat at the bowling alley (in non-covid times). For us, we went into Langley for a quick trip with a toddler.

What I did not expect to see were literally dozens of bunnies seemingly everywhere!

Bunny bb in Langley, WA

Look how safe this stupid baby bunny feels - "oh i'm just gonna have a quick nap here despite the tons of people out walking around." Idiot. Cute idiot, but still.

Ok, so are the bunnies magical?
Is this what happens when you legalize weed in WA?
This the result of rabbit habbits? 

I know it's google-able, but lame. What possible explanation is there for all these damn bunbuns? Wrong answers only.

I like to think that bunnies are actually aliens who have syntehsized their own DNA to fit in but are here studying us and somehow picked Langley as a base. Or perhaps, there's some giant wild bunny roast that happens in the fall and all these sweet dummies are gonna be stew? Maybe bunny poop is what makes the whales love Langley?

One thing is for certain, if it was rats, I bet we wouldn't let them sit under that cafe table chomping away on grasses!

Anyway, here are some flowers.

Langley Flowers