Holy Crap, OK Go Did It Again

No wires, no green screens - just zero g in an airplane...

February 11, 2016

How did no one barf while making this zero-g video?

I think the lads from OK Go typecasted themselves into "oh that band that makes awesome videos", but to be fair, they've consistently made exciting music that is fun to see live. Still though, their videos are incredible!

The singer, Damian, once lost his cool on stage when the sound guy couldn't get it together at an EndSession during Sasquatch. He apologized profusely afterward and made me realize he's a good, albeit intense dude. It's that type of passion that it would take to pull off a stunt - literally a stunt - of this magnitude. They got together with S7 Airlines, a huge crew of camera riggers, and choreographed this insane new video for "Upside Down and Inside Out".

OK Go, who paved the way for artists we hear today like Walk The Moon, express themselves with tons of colors, excellent forethought, and a pretty fun sense of childlike wonder!

OK Go \

Our website doesn't allow us to post Facebook videos so you'll have to click the photo above or here to go watch this nonsense.

Check out how they were able to pull off this video here.

Would you be willing to hop on board OK Go airlines, or does just the thought have your stomach knotted up?

I'm super jealous!