How to Handle Driving In this Dumb Weather

Gross Snow, Black Ice, Other Drivers...

February 11, 2019

© Benoit Daoust |


#Snowmageddon, #Snowpocalypse, #WaSnow - whatever you call it, snOwMyGod, it's dumped more than a foot of snow in most places over the last 10 days. Some places, flat places, have this much snow all the time and they're fine. We have hills, lots of hills, and only the occassional snow storm. Let me give you my three sure fire tips to make sure you stay safe during this nuttiness: 

Step 1: Sit down on couch
Step 2: Cover self in blankets
Step 3: Netflix/zzz/drool

Sweet. Now you're guaranteed not to wreck while staying dry (minus any drooling).