How Long Does It Take To Solve This Beast?!

It would take for forever - even if you peeled the stickers off (jerk).

December 23, 2015

For most of us, the simple 3x3x3 puzzle cube is what we think when someone drops the term Rubik's Cube. In the speed cubing world - yes, that's a real world - the Rubik's brand cube is actually laughably terrible for competition. I'm sure Dr Erno Rubik, inventor, is laughing all the way to the bank. When jumping into solving cubes, this is the obvious place to start. But quickly as times drop below 60 seconds, many cubers start to twist other puzzles of varying sizes. I went from 3x3x3 to 5x5x5 then to 4x4x4.


The thing about bigger cubes: once you can solve a 4x4, 5x5, and a 6x6 you can solve any cube. The time to solve simply goes up, but the theory is the same.

Ok, so what we have now is a feat of something amazing. This dude, Oskar Van Deventner, took his ability to solve and used it to engineer. Over The Top is the world's biggest cube with 17x17x17 layers. The cube still only six colors since it's a six side piece of solid geometry, but the slices are bananas. It's custom 3D printed for your order and looks like it costs a fortune, but it is a recognized world record holding cube! Watch Kenneth Brandon (aka RedKB on YouTube) solve this (time lapse) in 7.5 hours! Or scroll down and watch it real time if you really have nothing going on today!

I wouldn't recommend watching this whole thing - as a dabbler in speed cubing, this is still too much for me, but being able to see him slowly struggle to turn the thing is crazy.

And finally, to be just a little self indulgent, here's a photo of the fastest ever solve I did - sadly not in competition. It was just a practice solve at home that I'm still pretty proud of!

Screen Cap of my best solve

[Via Nerdist]