How To Sounders Good: Polite Canadians won't hurt our injured Sounders, right?

I'll be in NYC, but that doesn't mean we can't all Sounders good!

March 18, 2016

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Well, the season hasn’t gotten off on the right foot. That may be an understatement. I’m not sure which is worse: Sounders FC walking away with zero points from the first two matches, or the small mountain of injuries piling up - at this rate, we’ll need one of those terrifying MASH choppers to carry the wounded around.

Part of Jordan Morris’s deal better not be that his dad/team physio gets more work…

Take aways from RSLvSEA
Erik Friberg left the match with a knee problem - here’s hoping that he’s off to an unknown IKEA robotics facility to complete his top secret transition to taco-robot (possible liquid metal joint replacement?).Valdez and Morris both came off the pitch each banged up (leg and head), and by the end of this blood bath, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to see this week’s jersey sporting SWEDISH as a shirt sponsor.

Rookie Tyler Miller won’t be looking back on his second half gaff with much fondness as Olave out-jumped a dude who’s allowed to use his hands to score the match winner.

This weekend:
Since i’ll be in NYC all weekend, I’m pretty frustrated with the MLS for not either a. moving the match to a stadium on the east coast or option B, postponing it until my return. It’s the first chance for us to see some Cascadia pride as Seattle welcomes Vancouver to CenturyLink field. Last time these two sides met, the traveling Sounders FC fans drove back with a shiny, albeit smudged with fingerprints, Cascadia Cup seat belted in place.

Tip: Canadians are the sweetest so remember to hold them to a different standard to those ugly Portland fans and their dumb faces. The Canadians will use a touch of passive aggressiveness and politeness to make you feel more at ease. Remember if you see any to ask them about their country and it’s health care so you know what you’re getting into in case of a Drumpf presidency that you’re trying to avoid by fleeing the country. Use words like “hoser” and end all sentences on an up to practice speaking Canadian - they love that!

Branden works behind the scenes here, and he joined Ross and I for this week’s podcast. Branden wants you to watch this video of a stretcher and a butt.

Full 90: SEAvVAN Preview

Full 90: SEAvVAN Preview