How To Sounders Good: Preview SEAvRSL

Hopefully it doesn't rain at the bar you're in watching it...

March 11, 2016

It was a tough start to the season. It sure looked like there were two teams out there that weren’t in mid-season form… because they weren’t… because it was the first match of the year! A 1-0 home loss is certainly not the tarot card reading you’d want to start things off, but don’t get stuck on that. The team, banged up already with several big names we count on, had to test its depth. Tyrone Mears and Erik Friberg are joined on the injury list by the end of the first 90 minutes of the season by Captain Brad Evans - not good! Friberg should be good for Saturday, Evans… not so much.

Thoughts from the first match:

  • Remember to bring a poncho to the next home match because when caught in that Seattle sunshine things start to suck REAL FAST.
  • Joevin Jones looked dynamic, full of hustle, and ready to make big plays as a young fast dude this season.
  • The first 20 minutes for Seattle were fast and exciting. They didn’t allow Kansas City to be a factor in the match.
  • Fisher’s red card was a red card. Argue all you want, he went in two footed with studs up. Ball or not, that’s not harsh by the officials. A foolish mistake that potentially showed a bigger weakness that hasn’t been ironed out in the Sounders 4-3-3 approach.

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What is 4-3-3?
To me, it’s AYSO 10-year-old soccer style - don’t tell Sigi I said that. It’s the way you put your players on the field four defenders, three midfielders and three forwards. For the entirety of Sounders FC in MLS (since 2009), they’ve played a 4-4-2 which beefs up the sideline area a bit more than the 4-3-3 - instead of two wide guys in the midfield and two in the middle, everyone has to cover a bit more space and the forwards have to be ready to help out a bit more. A challenge for sure. In AYSO we played 3-3-3 with an extra player to run around with the defenders.

About Frei: It sucks that the team is away this weekend because your beautiful songs, yelling, and enthusiasm won’t as easily get to Frei.

After an error that cost the team a goal, this psychological, internalizing goalkeeper needs your ECS No Equal ale and its elixir of vociferousness pushing him past this blunder. Let’s hope for a solid rebound from one of our favorite #24's.

Real Salt Lake welcomes Seattle Sounders FC on Saturday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. PT. RSL did not fare well in 2015, so they’ll have a lot to prove. Watch out for Armenian striker slash fancy designated player, forward Yura Movsisyan. Combined with the threat of Joao Plata and RSL can create some chances. This match-up is a weird one that traditionally has been all over the road. Though not as convenient, RSL has proven to be a bigger rival in terms of results for the Sounders gang. They even won their MLS Cup at CenturyLink Field when playing at neutral venues NFL-style used to be a thing.

Listen to Ross Fletcher break all this down with a handsome British accent below. Important stuff we talked about:

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