How To Sounders Good: Sub In a Pokemon

Seriously, Have You Considered Using Hypno?

July 13, 2016
How to Sounders Good

by Gregr

First I had to teach Ross about Pokemon Go. Even showing him photos didn't seem to help...

Drowzee ATTACK!!
by Gregr

After a match where Sounders FC put up 22 shots and zero went in the back of the net, there's gotta be something that gets changed. What would you do with the existing squad? Who is Brad Evans so mad at? Do we have too many people to sub in my Drowzee? There's a match tonight between... *gulp* worst in the west Seattle and best western's FC Dallas. That can't be good. It's a 7:30p match so tonight I'll be enjoying the first 45 from bed before watching the DVR tomorrow <- That's how you Sounders good!