How to Sounders Good: Welcome Home Ross!

He's back from Brazil and ZIKA free!

September 2, 2016
How to Sounders Good

by Gregr

When Ross left for Brazil, the Sounders were crap. Then, they had a run of a bunch of fantastic games, great results, and some fresh-brewed team chemistry.

Just when Ross gets back, though, they gave us that Sunday loss to Portland starting with a 4-0 shellacking in the first half. All I wanted was for Mr. Fletcher to see his former team getting it together… sigh.

This week’s pod is a fun one - especially the first 25 minutes I forgot to record… SO MAD. Ross is back after spending something like five weeks in Rio (the r’s are pronounced like h’s in Portuguese for some reason). In that time he interviewed superstars like Usain Bolt having watched him just win the 100m & 200m for the third time in three tries.

We have an international break for Sounders FC, but there’s still plenty to complain about ;) Ross is full of fun stories, too. His perspective on what Brazil is going through and behind the scenes scoop on running around in stadia for a month make this a hot pod!