How to Stream Solstice Sunrise from Stonehenge

Thanks to coronavirus shutting it down, we're getting it around the world

June 20, 2020
Stonehenge Solstice

by Matt Cardy // gettyimages


Tonight (6/20/20), at 8:52p Seattle time, you'll be able to catch a live stream of the sun rising symmetrically over Stonehenge. Thanks to the tilt of the Earth on its journey around the sun, the first day of summer experiences the largest amount of daylight for the year. It's summer solstice and around the world it is celebrated. In Seattle cyclists slather paint on their still rain drenched bodies and pedal around the Fremont neighborhood, in England, people travel to the 5,000 year old largely not understood structure Stonehenge.

This year, the year of coronavirus, all of these things are cancelled. Because of that, English Heritage - a group tasked with caring for English monuments in history - will provide a live stream of the sun interacting with Stonehenge so we can follow along without all the exhausting travel.

Sunset Stream (12:40p PDT 6/20/20)

Sunrise Stream (8:10p PDT 6/20/20)

Have fun with ancient history!