INTERVIEW: Anthony Kiedis talks with Gregr about rippling pecs and the last time Kiedis went to Target

While calm and relaxed, I couldn't help but think there's still some mischief in there

March 22, 2017
Gregr + Anthony Kiedis

by Chaz


Lurking around in the backstage at Key Arena, in the belly of a beast full of trucks, rigging, equipment, and crew, we're doing everything we can to stay out of the way, which is no small feat.

This team of what feels like 50 people works to get just six dudes on stage under the spotlight. It's this important hustle of techs, promotion people, and band members that create the raddest buzz.

The best pics from RHCP in Seattle

I won't lie, I was feeling the nerves of being a piece of that machine when the Red Hot Chili Peppers filled up Key Arena with this circus. It takes that many people to pull this off:

The band invited us to join them in the tunnels that you never see from your seats to have a sit down with lead singer Anthony Kiedis. I haven't seen him do a ton of interviews, but mainly know him from a combination of funk dancing, surfer stance, and hand karate on stage. Well, that and the image of his rippling pecs that's burned into my brain from being a kid and watching the "Under the Bridge" video over and over.

It's still a bit surreal to reflect on the fact that I kept company with a dude who's music has played every two hours on the radio or a zillion stations for more than my entire adult life. He's thoughtful, gentle, and still pretty grounded in the moment.