INTERVIEW: So, You're In Seattle... J GRGRY

His music will make you feel great.

June 8, 2017

by Mike Naglieri

A warm, beautiful character with a tale as dark as the part of your heart you may never share with anyone, Joe Gregory is a Seattle man who has been around the musical world. He's worked with people who put The Killers on the map, recorded records in crazy conditions, and taken the party to the max. Still, he's a local guy working in as a barista in the Central District. A guy with some demons. A guy with an EP to die for. 

My only knowledge of this dude came from an appearance on 107.7 The End's Locals Only with Steven Graham where he was shirtless, partially painted in pink, and donning a fair bit of other flair. Like many of us, he grew up loving The End, and now with songs like eFlower, he's adding his own piece to our legacy. We're also Twitter pals.

I don't know what we accomplished here, you'll have to decide, but on a personal/professional level I feel so wonderful after talking to Joe - or as we call his performance group, J GRGRY. Listen to our conversation here: