Iron Goat Trail Is A Rad, Easy Hike

We even took SpaceBaby's Grandma

June 28, 2018

As we get ready for a European trip to Belgium this summer, Exhausted Mom, SpaceBaby, and I have been doing some hiking to break in a new baby carrier. My photographer friend, Laura, posted a photo from the Iron Goat Trail and it looked super cool and just right for taking along SB's Grandma, BaNana.

The Iron Goat trail is a beautiful, leisurely hike with plenty of railroad history remnants to explore. I highly recommend. I’d love to snowshoe it this winter too, have any of you done that?

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Laura's covering up the coolest Fiona Apple tattoo (appropriately with flannel). She's super chill and her description had me sold on an easy hike with 30lbs of pack+baby on board. Off towards Skykomish we drove!

It's like heading to Steven's Pass only without the snow or stupid Leavenworth. Just past the railroad town of Skykomish, you hang a left onto the Old Cascade Highway, and then another on some well-kept dirt road BARELY big enough for cars to pass each other should you encounter another human. You'll need to get a Northwest Forrest Pass - or hike back a half mile to get cell service and buy one online and hope they don't come by and ask to see it... #mobileprinter?

Iron Goat Trail is based at the former fueling and staging ground for the now-abandoned Great Northern Railroad. That means you'll come across some crazy tunnels, and leftover feats of humanity blasting rocks, building wooden bridges, and getting thousands of tons of locomotive through the mountains of Washington.

The first three miles of the trail are easy, ADA accessible even, so don't expect a challenging hike. However easy it in on the joints, it's equally satisfying for your eyeballs.

by Gregr

They have these seemingly non-sensical signs with huge numbers - turns out these are mile markers with an origin in Chicago.

So many badass tunnels. This one we walked through, but the rest were super dangerous. The next one supposedly had a collapse a decade ago and is no longer passable.

It was warm on the mountain, but just down the super easy path we were blasted with a rush of cold air - some sort of ventilation chamber just big enough for a small bear to climb into were it not blocked off by 100+-year-old wood planks and out from it blew air-conditioning feeling cool air. Good time for a snack break.

Keep the O's coming, old man...

One more tunnel before heading back. We didn't even crack the surface of this puppy, but it was super cool knowing we could bring three generations of our family on a hike and everyone could leave satisfied (and exhausted)

Highway 2 is simply beautiful and driving to Iron Goat Trail alone is worth it. Getting out for some exercise made it a wonderful day for socializing, exploring, and discovering some pretty incredible history. If you're a new hiker, this is the trail for you provided you take your time driving the winding road to get there.

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