Is It Ok To Recline Your Airplane Seat? A Heated Debate!

It's legal. It's a feature of the seat. Is it cool?

February 13, 2020
Reclined airplane seat

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Is it wrong to use the recline function on an airline seat? That's the question triggering this insane wild that has the internet divided. 

I made the insanely poor choice to respond to something on the internet. Here's my take:

"If the seat reclines, then you recline it if you want. If you want to be cool to the person behind you then don't recline."

Let me elaborate a bit more. On the surface watching this video clip, that guy is a jerk. Who knows what the full story is building up to this moment? I'm 6'5" and barely fit into airplane seats. It sucks. I never recline my seat because I understand how much it ruins the trip. I get mad when people in front of me recline their seats.

I still don't think it's wrong to recline.

You ever have someone driving behind you with those insane LED lightbulbs shining directly off your rearview mirror and you're worried you'll look like the President in that definitely photoshopped but still weird looking photo? Yeah, I hate those lights. But I also don't expect that person to only drive during the day so that the legal feature built into their car doesn't annoy me.

The seat has the recline feature. It is a legal feature. Use it if you want to.

I will think you're a jerk, but who cares what I think of your flying habits?

What do you think?