Nerd Talk: Billy Dee Williams Joining Cast of Episode IX

Because of course he is.

July 10, 2018

USA Today // SIPA


Put down your Colt 45 (don't), according to The Hollywood Reporter, Billy Dee Williams is joining the cast of Star Wars Episode IX . Seems a strange choice to play Princess Leia...


Nah, you're right, he's probably just playing Lando again.

After the awesome performance of Donald Glover in Solo, and with director JJ Abrams at the helm, this news probably is surprising very few nerds, but I'll still get excited to see some capes. How is Williams already 81 years old?! He's reportedly exercising his body back into acting shape and canceled a comic convention appearance for a filming conflict.

What other gimmicks from the original films do you expect for IX?
Think they'll go full Zombie Han?
How are they gonna write Princess Leia out of the series?
What would happen if you cross Hayley Williams of Paramore and Billy Dee? Hayley Dee Willaims!

*RIP Carrie Fisher