It's the 100th match between Sounders FC and Fartland Timbers

If by "weird" you mean "smelly"...

May 11, 2018

Courtesy of Sounders FC Communications

100 matches dating back to 1975 - this may be the biggest soccer rivalry in the entire USA.

This thing comes with years of baggage: teasing, chanting, banners, scarf theft, and so many snarky internets! Though the stakes aren't clear yet, this Sunday will give us a benchmark demonstrating the hunger for soccer in America. Each team shows up with a single championship star above their respective crests but a hunger to crush the other!

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Sunday at 1p we find out:

  • Is Timber Joey a space kangaroo?
  • Does Clint Dempsey have enough dark side energy to summon force lightning again?
  • Will 4th referee Notebook McRedcarderson judo flip the head referee so he can oversee the match himself?

So much on the line... We break it all down for you on the newest Full 90 - Extra Time Podcast!