Another Joker Film? A Different Actor?

Joaquin Phoenix Will Star

July 11, 2018

SIPA // Press Association


"How many Joker's do we need" is not a question that seems to be relevant to Hollywood after news solidified that Joaquin Phoenix would take to the big screen to play Gotham's most notorious villain - the B.I.G. of Bat-town. 

Gif of Mr. Ledger's Joker

The dude who directed The Hangover, Todd Phillips, is directing and co-writing the project - a gritty crime drama origin story of Jack Napier.

The weirdest part: DC is still working on making whatever you call the Jared Leto version of the Joker for their ongoing Justice League/Suicide Squad arc. 

Here is the (not) official list of best jokers:
Jack Nicholson
Mark Hammill (voice)
Heath Ledger

MRW my boss tells a joke.