Just Like Sounders FC, the Full 90 Extra Time Podcast Is Back

Welcome Back, Nerds!

March 2, 2018

provided by Seattle Sounders FC Communications // Photo by Jane Gersovich

It's no secret, I love Seattle Sounders FC. Much like the  Yet-To-Be-Named hockey team and the Sonics 2.0 will be embraced by the Amazon blob that took over South Lake Union*, I moved to Seattle weeks after the first SSFC match. Other than a couple thousand people who have followed the team since they were a lower division club, I got here just in time to make the team my own**.

The Sounders FC season kicks off Sunday at CenturyLink after back to back appearances in the MLS Cup Final. Sadly, like the Seahawks, they won the first but couldn't repeat. For some dumb reason, the Sounders FC didn't keep their most handsome player in MLS history, Brad Evans. I'm not often critical of the team, but dammit, Brad is the Best! Here's to Gregr/Evans amazing (future) play-by-play duo***.

Read our farewell to Brad Evans.

Anyway, we relaunched the Full 90 Extra Time Podcast to kick off a new season. I'm trying to convince longtime pod contributor (and full-time handsome man), Ross Fletcher to join us offering up his amazing British wit. In the meantime (great Spacehog song), the guy responsible for pulling the starter cord on this beast, Branden, will join me as the soccer nerd who's actually informed. He knows about people like Kim Kee-Hee, the newest soccer star to join SSFC, bringing to the club some seriously incredible fashion:

Matt Johnson, radio voice of Sounders FC joins us for the first podcast of the MLS regular season. He's a fun guy to talk to and goes to a ton of training sessions. This is week one. It's a long season, and hopefully, by autumn we'll be talking playoffs again and a third trip to the MLS Cup - maybe this time IN SEATTLE

Beers up, Sounders!

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*I know there's a huge history to the Sonics and MANY people want them back, leave me alone.
**Just because they're new to town doesn't mean they don't deserve to cut their own piece of the city!
***I assume by then Manley will be in charge of radio across the universe thus too busy to broadcast with his dumb tall friend.