Karate Kid Is Old AF, Celebrating With Return To Theaters

Kids my age always default to crane kick in fake fighting

February 5, 2019

© Marty Pearl/Special to Courier Journal


Karate Kit turns 35 this year and to celebrate the film will return to theaters this spring.

There are a dozen 80's movies that are super important to my ubringing. Short Circuit, Space Camp, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Top Gun, and the Karate Kid just to name a few. The number of crane kicks poorly executed off the bed narrowly killing one another is uncountable.

Karate Kid - Crane Kick

All we wanted were headbands and catching flies with chopsticks. A black belt? Get out of here! I think secretly, and possibly racistly, we all wanted our own sweet Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita [RIP>) like an old Japanese grandpa who would also kick that asses of all the bullies.

Now, The Karate Kid will play for two nights in theaters: Sunday March, 31st and Tuesday, April 2nd, thanks to the nerds at Fathom Events.

Having burned through the full Cobra Kai series - possibly the best thing YouTube Red will ever produce - I've been meaning to get back to watch the film that karate kicked it all off, but it seems likely I'll out it on the back burner until March.

I'm always curious if this film has transcended gernations and Z's are watching it, too?
Was Daniel Larusso actually the jerk?
Did Cobra Kai do a better job of highlighting that grey area?

Anyway, see you there?