Kick Ass Time-Lapse Footage of Seatac Airplanes

Serious, these flying machines look like bugs!

July 18, 2017


If you live anywhere in Seattle near High-5, you've probably thought "that plane sounds like it's close enough to pee on me."

It's crazy with our low clouds and air traffic how it regularly sounds so dang close to hitting my apartment building. I lived at the top of Broadway on Capitol Hill for forever and those planes headed to Seatac are buzzing right overhead. My weird recurring dream involves a giant space shuttle of aircraft crashing just near enough that everything catches fire but I don't die. I gotta knock off the sugar before bed... These things flying over freak me out from time to time.

It's when we're driving home from somewhere at night that my wife usually gets nervous that I'm looking at the sky ahead as we speed up the freeway northbound and I'm watching the procession of blinking dots lined up in the sky on final approach to Seattle. On a clear night, you can see so many craft! She's right. I'm an idiot. Reddit user asoundingview is not. This genius set up the most incredible camera to run a brilliant timelapse of the action on any given night at our overbooked airport.

Love that Pacific Tower, the most sinister looking building built high atop a hill and lit to glow creepily in the night, is framed in the foreground with the fireflies (airplanes) buzzing around like it's summer in the middle of Illinois. Leave it to Seattle to use big Boeing planes in lieu of insects ;)

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