Space Legoman Takes Me Right Back To Childhood

It's the most important LEGO character of my youth

February 8, 2019

by Gregr


Walking through the aisle at Batell Drugs by my house and BAM there it is, my favorite Lego character ever has his own set. 

When I was a kid, I had hand me down Legos from the neighbor kid up the street - a big ol' box, too. Pretty cool. My folks were not interested in spending money on what I now realize are very expensive toys. His collection came with serveral spacemen featuring the coveted helmets + jetpacks. Anyone who can relate knows that those helmet always cracked just below where the visor would close if you didn't lose the visor...

I now am willing to spend some hard earned money on catching up on what I feel I missed out on as a kid. And then here's this whole gang of space characters. $10?! Done.

They're perfect! Honestly they didn't even need to come with anything else for me to be near-pee-my-pants satisfied. Before she died, mom rightfully gave away all my collection sitting in their garage in New Mexico. These little nerds refilled a small part of childhood heart that in recent times has become filled with mortgages and stress. What a great return on my small investment!

I miss the old school simple two-dots and a curve smile heads that Legos had when I was a kid. There's something so innocent and sweet about their expression and as we get older and more cynical, it's something we as adults tend to lose sight of.

Anyway, things like Legos help us keep that flame inside our hearts alive and flickering. If you get a chance buy a dumb set and have some fun!