Up Your Costume Game With Hannah Ferguson of Zak Labs

Take your cosplay to a whole new level!

August 15, 2019
Hannah Ferguson as NOVA from Starcraft cosplay


I remember going to Blue C Sushi (RIP) after work some years ago without doing the "con" math. Everywhere around me, kids with costumes or floofy tails or both were abound - some eating in the restaurant, others on the receiving end of perplexed looks from downtown traffic barely edging along. Seems super quaint compared to what the cosplay world looks like today!

I remember when a dude dressed in Star Wars storm trooper armor would show up somewhere and all our brains instantly broke with excitement. Though still cool, that costume bar has been significantly raised.

provided by Hannah Ferguson

I sat down with cosplayer Hannah Ferguson just a few weeks before Renton City Comic Con (RenCon) takes over Renton Technical College for a weekend of cosplay, panels, and even a touch of charity! She and her friends at Zak Labs build costumes and props for themselves or commission for the rainbow of characters that people want to portray at their favorite convention.

She's done some incredible work:

(Swipe left!) Just a few of my favorite photos from my shoot with the amazing @briancmorris aka @zaklabs. I can't thank everyone enough who complimented my costume and those special few who helped it come to life! (@zaklabs @tobiasmccurry @raptorprops ) This 6 week build drained the energy right out of me, but I'm so happy to have made it, and I'm even happier to be able to bring one of my favorite characters to life for everyone at #sakuracon2017 ! For now, it's time for this tired cosplayer to take a short break, but stay tuned for my next venture. Thank you all for your love and support! #props #propbuilding #secondcosplay #cosplay #seattlecosplay #bodyconfidence #bodypositive #sevendeadlysins #serpentsindiane

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Check out this awesome photo by Kenny Williams Photography!l oh my Hiccup! So glad I stopped for a moment at #paxwest2017 to snap this! #seattlecosplay #cosplay #httyd2 #hiccup #hiccupcosplay #waterfall #vikings #cosplaygirl #crossplay

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This is one of the only full body shots I was able to get off our WOW armor (thanks to @irvnig!) If you want to grab some photos, I will be wearing it the Saturday of #sakuracon2019! ** I'd especially like to get some low light photos to show off the LEDs! #sakuracon #bloodelf #cosplaygirl #pbwcosplay

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There are so many more costumes/characters of Hannah on Instagram @ninjacatcosplay. She's a rad person, and should you ever need help building something, be sure to hit up @ZakLabs. They're so nice and fun and have a ton of cool gear and ideas to help make awesome stuff. Now I just wanna make a Soundwave costume for me and Rumble for my kiddo

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