Gregr's Life Hax: Save your fingers this New Year's Eve

December 27, 2016

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It's almost New Year's Eve and if you're like me and are the guy with a bottle opener on his keys and at a party where people need bottles opened, it means you lose your keys. 

A lot. 

What I like to do is take my bottle opener on and off whenever I need it or am going out, but it can wreak havoc on my fingers, and I like my fingers.

I learned a life hack that will protect those fingers.


What you need:

  • A staple remover
  • Fingers (optional)
  • Things on a key ring that you want to take off, or things not on a key ring that you want to put on!

Step 1: Pretend the staple remover is a tiny dinosaur and try to talk to it

Step 2: Use the keys to pry open the key ring to move your items in or out!

Step 3: Use your bottle opener! Happy New Year :) 

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