Lightning struck a Washington State Ferry while in service!


October 12, 2020
Washington State Ferry Leaves Mukilteo for Clinton, WA

by Gregr


Imagine being on the ferry from Kingston to Edmonds when KERBLAMO what sounds like a bomb going off is actually a bolt of lightning on a stormy Seattle night directly connecting the ship to the heavens. Mind boggling. Before I go any further, no one was barbecued or disintegrated by the strike. Phew.

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There wasn't much imminent danger for those on board despite probably feeling better about having stayed in their cars for COVID-19 reasons than other trips...

Nice to know that no sizzling seafarers had to be delivered to the dock.  I wonder how the seals and such swimming around it are affected?!

The M/V Puyallup had to take the rest of the night and next morning off for some navigation system work related to getting zapped. I bet captaining a ship in that condition must be pretty terrible.