A List of Autumn Stuff in Seattle

Fall is my favorite season!

September 24, 2018
Japanese Garden @ The Arboretum

by Gregr


It's fall in Seattle. Here's a list of fall stuff I love around here (and some things I don't):

  • Leaves bleeding out their chlorophyll and us celebrating! DIE, LEAVES!
  • Rain in the morning, sun for 10 minutes at 2p, rain at night.
  • Terrible wet drivers return - missed you!
  • Flannel weather
  • Hot apple cider
  • That one grey hoodie I wear every day
  • Wet socks
  • Mopey coffee shop mornings
  • Spiderweb dance - I always wonder what happened to Charlotte when I feel a web
  • Wet dogs
  • Muddy feet pumpkin patching
  • All the beers
  • Constantly eat sweets until Easter
  • Slipping on wet metal grates walking down the sidewalk.
  • Raindrops hitting a hot grill
  • Gross muddy wet entrances to everything
  • Fireplace fires
  • Belly fat! #FatherlyFigure
  • All day sports marathons - from the couch.
  • Soup Season

What you said:

  • Mariners missing the postseason again

What did I miss?