Locals Only Artist Kris Orlowski Talks Seattle over Los Angeles

I mean LA didn't invite him to play Summer Camp at Marymoor Park...

May 25, 2016
Kris Orlowski Cover

by Gregr/Wizard

Skip to the bottom to hear a rad interview I had with Kris!

I’m lucky to have met Kris Orlowski somewhere along his way to recording first one and now a second album, Often In The Pause. It’s easy to get behind a guy who invites me to cool shows in crazy Seattle spots, and it’s even easier to write “he’s the nicest dude in Seattle” blah blah blah… Here’s an anecdote to sum up how quality this dude is.

Last year at Bumbershoot, my fiance, her father and I got to the Seattle Center early enough to grab food in the armory. Across the open floor, I see KO walking his guitar for his afternoon set. I shuffle up to him for a hello and hug or high-five. He asks the “i haven’t seen you in a minute” questions. I point to my gang. Kris stops dead in his tracks insisting he must meet them. We wander over and he sits down for quick hang whilst waiting for our food.

It’s just the simplest of gestures for a guy who is in high demand that day.

Also, he handed out mustaches to everyone in the audience - I showed up with one already attached to my face with nature glue, but a nice gesture for everyone else...

by Gregr

Kris is the dude that picks up his friend's kid and makes instant best friends. He’s the dude who grew a mustache and hasn’t let go long after others of us dabbled and cut it out - hey SPD, you can’t have him!

Over the weekend, I joined in for a birthday celebration of Mr. Orlowski with some beers and a decent amount of bs’ing only to reaffirm that he’s the most grounded musician in our scene and super

His new album Often in the Pause is out now, but I sat down with him just before releasing to talk about where he’s at. What his future holds, and why he’s decided to stay in Seattle instead of trading it all in for Los Angeles. Kris will also join us at Summer Camp! We love pairing local musicians with our show, so he’ll be playing either 8/13 or 8/14 at Marymoor Park.

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