Love Is Dead - NECCO Isn't Making Candy Hearts Anymore

TBH, they taste just better than classroom chalk I imagine

January 23, 2019



A weird headline to see from this morning, "Sorry, sweetie: No Sweethearts candies this Valentine's Day." This would be like not having candy corn on Halloween. I mean sure, candy corn is gross and pointless, but I still expect it to remind us of our traditions and how far we've come!

The New England Confectionary Company - you probably remember it as NECCO - went bankrupt this summer and with it our hopes of reading stupid messages on gross candy hearts dies. Is love even worth pursuing anymore? Yes! 

Another company evidently bought out the rights to the candy hearts - they produce 8+ billion per year - and now Spangler Candy Co. will take over production returning the hearts to shelves for Valentine's Day 2020.

Are these even worth the damage to your teeth from eating sugar? No. But if you love them despite my rant, fine. Gross, but fine.

JK, love whatever you want as long as I don't have to love it, too!