Man/Monster ruins pizza with the worst Halloween candy

Just stop it.

September 25, 2017



Sometimes I wonder if the internet has a point where we've gone too far...

I'm not talking about compromising the identities of a gazillion customers or Korean people live streaming food eating for people who pay them in balloon tips, I'm talking about giving idiots an audience to do things that should just stay at home in your own private life. I'm talking about this monster:

Not ok. Again, this is America where you can protest a protest, but stop it with combining foods. First: candy corn is gross (unless you make it into a cob) Second: don't ruin pizza with garbage. Digiornio didn't just let this one slip by:

In my mind, I hear Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm talking to John Hammond:

Again, eat this all you want at home (don't do that), just don't freakin' give everyone else ideas that they can/should do this themselves or come up with their own concoction for internet attention. Also, this is candy corn in it's only acceptable form:

Candy corn on the cob

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