The Maple Leaves Are Changing At The Seattle Japanese Garden

Such a beautiful garden right in the middle of Seattle

October 15, 2018

by Gregr


The Japanese Garden at the Lake Washington Arboretum is a wonderfully tucked away bit of foreign culture right in the middle of Seattle and it is excellent. A dry October afternoon spent walking the loose gravel path in the relative peace and quiet can be the perfect taste of tranquility.

It is the opposite of the traffic problems that raise your blood pressure like the cost of rent over the last decade. Stroll, sit, look, listen, and enjoy the trees, mosses, rocks, statues, structures, and coy-fish-filled water.

These photos merely capture a moment of my memory. The full experience involves all your senses taking in the swimming turtles and fish, a light breeze through the garden gently jingling the leaves on the trees, and the taste of... ok, so maybe not taste. I guess you could eat some of the purchased fish food in a pinch.

Note: As of 10/15/18 the garden hadn't reached full peak transition so there's still a week or two to get there and check it out!