Match 2 Preview: Frenchies vs AMERICA (Seattle)

Lemme see them new kits!

March 10, 2017
Sounders FC Heritage Kit

by Gregr

"Your team is amongst the favorites for the 2017 Cup title, but starting 0-2 would not be awesome" -Captain(s) Obvious.

Look, starting two games in a row on the road isn't the coolest. But in the eight MLS Sounders seasons, if we've learned anything, the first 57 months of the season are to get familiar with one another and build depth - the Sounders we're in 71st place in July and won the freaking championship last year, so let's just use these first away games as a chance to learn the new dudes and see the Heritage kit in action.

That being said, get a win and make those new white throwbacks a good luck charm (burn in hell Olympic White kits).

That ⭐️ lookin' good! --

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This weekend, the Sounders are battling the Montreal Impact and Seattle has a not-so-secret weapon, Harry Shipp - not a misspelling, it's an actual name of a guy Seattle brought in from Montreal this season. I'm hoping the weapon is more than just smug French Canadian-ness, but even that is a mental advantage!

Things to watch out for:

  • Dempsey + Morris + Lodeiro = Big Data Dangerous.
  • Seattle stopping the counter attack - this they did not do in Houston.
  • Branden from the Internet tells me that the pitch in the Olympic Stadium is terrible.
  • My love handles making a shirt designed for an ultra-fir athlete look gross.


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