This Metal Cover of Blink 182 "Dammit" Is A Lot

Unsure if Glorious or Blasphemous

July 25, 2017
Heavy Metal Blink 182



Everyone loves a great cover and the AV Club started a cool series years ago: AV Undercover. They ask bands stopping by their office to choose from a list of twenty-five songs and perform one, but after it's been done, it's scratched off the list. Super cool!

In the last weeks, we've seen some pretty sweet covers specifically of Summer Camp band Minus the Bear covering Fugazi! And then this wild mandolin/banjo fueled cover of "Monkey Wrench" by Judah and the Lion. But this week's cover by a super metal band with a gross name, Oozing Wound, having their take on "Dammit" the anthem of a generation of 90's and 00's kids is the best unsettling juxtaposition of styles.

Upon further investigating, the biggest change to the song (after the fact that metal heads are performing it) is they took it out of C major and played it in a more dissonant key. Also, that instrumental at the end is a whole other super cool metal song.

I'm still confused on how I feel about this because I hated the singing at first but loved the intensity of all that sweet T-1000 quality metal.

Minus the Bear covering "Waiting Room":

"Can't tell if they're terrible musicians or terrible comedians but A+ either way"