The Most Fun Sporting Event In Washington

Things get weird, and that's obviously a good thing.

January 25, 2017
Perry the Peanut and Gregr

by Lori Barber


The Tacoma Stars games are more bananas than a Japanese monkey park where you literally feed monkeys apples and bananas.

What you have at the Showare Center is a bunch of dudes playing soccer because they love it, not because they’re getting rich. Dedication to making a couple bucks on the side of what I assume are regular jobs that people do to fund the insane hobbies they love.

Casey Catherwood of Tacoma Stars
provided by Tacoma Stars SC

What makes this more than just a rad but small professional sports organization is Casey Catherwood; he is the weirdest. I’ve struggled with trying to put into words his incredible performance. Was that dark blue jacket crushed velvet? Did he actually dress up as an astronaut and bound across the field encouraging a space-helmeted child to tackle a mascot? Yup.

Speaking of mascots, did you notice the Stars have four of them?

Stars Mascots!
by Gregr

What? Meet Goalileo, Super Star Man, Shy Egg, and crowd pleaser slash twitter gif king, Perry the Peanut.

During time-outs, between quarters, and whenever there’s a lengthy break in play, these wonderful weirdos waddle out on the field and fill time brilliantly. If your child (or dinosaur/robot/space/ninja-loving adult) doesn’t fall in love with one or all of them, we need to thaw someone out like carbonite Han Solo being unfrozen in Jabba’s Palace.

The Stars invited me to be the local celebrity that comes out and kicks off the game and Nora happened to be at the game capturing the lead off to my 2017 highlight reel:

I am a big dumb animal.

My buddy Neal leans over to me at some point and says “I remember going to the Stars games as a kid at the Tacoma Dome and it was all the same. It’s like everyone came out of hibernation and just picked up where they left off.” This is EXACTLY how it feels. The vintage badass logo, the soundtrack all 80’s, the height of American space travel, all incredibly reflective of my childhood. Neal goes on to point out that the old games had more lasers. Listen here, Stars, he’s right. MORE LASERS.

At the end of the matches, fans are welcomed down to the field to meet players and get autographs signed - another super fun feature specifically for the kids!

Look, I’m pretty sure a soccer game was played because I remember players taking the field (including fan favorite Danny Waltman) and their goal song playing a lot, but i spent a majority of the match waiting for the next round of ridiculous on field antics.

It’s safe to say, the drive to Kent’s Showare Center for a Stars match is high on my list of winter fun and with the Stars in first place, we could be enjoying some post-season fun, too!

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