Mumford and Sons Think They've Made Their Best Album Ever with 'Delta'

Fourth Full-Length Record Out in November

September 28, 2018

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"Do you want to interview Mumford & Sons?" is a pretty incredible email to get, but with it (coupled with my own terrible self-esteem and self-doubt) comes a ton of anxiety! Are they so massive that they'll hate me? Are they going to make references I don't know (yes) and then judge me for not knowing? Am I going to have my brain seize up and then just yell embarrassing things to them? 

No, of course not. They're lovely gentlemen with feet proudly planted firmly on the ground. They smartly respond with a smile and effortlessness that demonstrates their comfort and joy doing among the best jobs in the world. They're like a needle in the groove of the vinyl they love.

The English waistcoat wearing folksters who less than a decade ago changed the face of music by employing tons of strings and stomps and heart have since plugged in guitars and went full arena rock. Having lived both sides of the spectrum, they return with their fourth full-length album, Delta (11/16), and a sense that they can exist in either phase of their careers. It provides them with a bit of freedom. "We feel very open with instruments. We don't feel like there's any limitation anymore," says Winston Marshall. "When you make your first album, that's your first album and it's also in your head your last album because if it goes wrong, it's your last album. Four albums in, it's not our first album, but we also know it's not our last."

They confirmed that record is only being turned in the same day as this interview for a rapid six-week turn around to ship! But procrastination isn't something they've given up with age or perhaps just the need to keep tinkering until the last possible moment. Regardless, Marcus Mumford is in the pocket feeling great about moving on musically, "I think we're stepping out from a place of confidence like we know that we like this record, we know we're proud of it. I think it's the best work we've ever done. I hope it's not the best we'll ever do."

Also, sometimes you have to ditch the waistcoat and go full Rage Against the Machine at soundcheck. It's a great feeling to be excited for a new album seemingly both for the artists and the fans - count me in!

Nice shout out for the Seahawks, dude.

Their first single from Delta is "Guiding Light"

Marcus mentions working with Yebba, this is who he's talking about: