Muse just dropped the best video for new song "Something Human"

Included on a new album out this fall.

July 19, 2018

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Muse took their time, but we're finally getting a new album this fall! To be fair, Dom told us for forever ago that that was exactly the plan - write a song at a time until it felt done rather than constantly coming back to half-finished ideas.

We've already gotten a portion of the fun with "Dig Down", "Thought Contagion", and the brand newly released "Something Human" with an incredible accompanying video that sports a very Kung Fury look:

Bellamy explained the last several years and why they took their time with the upcoming as yet untitled album:

"We made this album quite spaced out over the last year and a half, interspersed with shows. Last year we did about 30 shows, mostly in the U.S. and this year we’ve done about six shows. It’s felt quite healthy to have that balance between playing a handful of shows here and there and then being in the studio without being burnt out by either of those two things. We’ve felt re-energized by finding that balance, playing shows but not so many that you want to take a big hiatus, so it’s been really refreshing for that reason."

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As for the details, the gritty info about a new record:

"We’re definitely very excited. We are putting the finishing touches on the album at the moment, hoping to get the album finished over the next few weeks. If all goes to plan, the album will be out in November."