My 5 Biggest Questions Before Episode VII

It's been too damn long.

December 16, 2015

Tomorrow Kool Keith, Manley, and friends are headed out with me to see Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. At every step along the way, director JJ Abrams teased us with a ton of physical props designed to replace the ever-evolving-into-an-Ewok ideas of George Lucas and his all-digital everything. I, a super nerd that read all the books that came along after the original series, couldn't be happier to have someone else at the helm driving this space train. I have questions that I can't wait to see answered.

1. How much of the expanded universe that Disney shuttled away will sneak in there? The Solo's having twin force babies made for compelling new lines of characters.

2. Tied into question one, will Chewbacca die? We met that walking carpet at 200yo. Combine that with the best google of the day, "how long do Wookiees live", he would only be in his prime now. In the expanded universe, Chewie dies saving the day and Han goes mad for it, will the writers torture our tear ducts by including this bit?

3. Who are we rooting for? The Rebellion is now the Resistance and the Empire now the First Order. Then there are the original characters, the Skywalkers, the Solos, the Ewoks maybe? Is Kylo Ren and his crazy "I might blow my own arm off" lightsaber fighting for one of these groups?

4. Who's the bad guy? We know Captain Phasma (potential bad girl) sure shined up a set of storm trooper armor and looks hella evil. Domhnall Gleeson - yes, Fred... or George Weasley, appears to be the leader of the First Order - wait that's gonna be hard to buy for me... Is he working with Kylo Ren? Will there be as many as three villains?!

5. And obviously - where is Luke?! Is "I grew a beard like old Ben Kenobi" Skywalker holed away somewhere far away where no one knows he's secretly running an Etsy store full of cat trinkets? Some have suggested that he's EVIL NOW?! That would be awesome. What if Kylo Ren finds him and he's like "damn, dude let's join forces and be badass like your dad - I even already got this sweet helmet!"??

There are more questions, but those are the things I want answered! Some will certainly become clear the moment their characters enter the screen. Other things may take more time to play out over the course three films! THAT'S RIGHT, THERE ARE MORE FILMS!!