NASA Wants Us To Live On Mars In These

Someone won $500k for designing MARSHA

June 18, 2019

provided by AI Space Factory


NASA just handed out $500k to the winners of its 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge, AI Space Factory. What you see varies significantly from the notion that Mars will radiate us so badly that we'll have to live underground like mole people. That would be a nightmare for the first several generations of humans that can remember a life on the once and hopefully still habitable Earth.

Instead, AI Space Factory want to use Martian rock and other biological material to have robots 3D print these rad looking beehive-meets-Amazon-Echo looking homes.

It looks about a zillion times nicer than my own home! Maybe we should hire a designer from AI Space Force to come over and get to work. 

I 100% want to go to upstate New York and Airbnb the crap out of TERA, too:

provided by AI Space Factory

provided by AI Space Factory

Forget Mars, based on the interiors shown in the above video, I think this place would be a huge garage-less upgrade to my earth home!