NASA Confirms Tom Cruise's Space Station Movie

I've got an idea for the sequel...

May 6, 2020
gettyimages // Emmanuel Wong

NASA confirmed via Tweet, because 2020, that they would indeed be helping to get a movie starring Tom Cruise filmed aboard the International Space Station. Honestly, I can't think of anyone else who would make more sense. Also honestly, I barely tried.

I guess he's been talking to Elon Musk about getting SpaceX involved in shooting something in orbit, and NASA wants part of that hype

Immediate questions:

  • Will the other space people aboard be used as extras or crew? Both?
  • Is Tom Cruise actually an alien?
  • Will Elon Musks's space Tesla be cast alongside Cruise?
  • Is this L. Ron Hubbard's ultimate goal achieved?

Ok, so I'm gonna get ahead of the plot here, but I read today that China plans to have their own space station complete by the end of 2022. If that's the case, who is the Chinese equivalent of Tom Cruise. I certainly have very little first hand experience with Chinese cinema, but Donnie Yen immediately comes to mind! 

So, you marry these two worlds together for Current-working-space-themed-action-movie-title II: War in the Stars or something stupid like that where the USA and China each send their best blah blah blah to do something epic. Oooo, maybe they have to join forces at the end to defeat a greater evil?!