Nerd Talk: The Cassette Mixtape is Back, Digital

Seriously, I hate cassettes.

June 21, 2017
Cassette Tape


I was having beers on the patio yesterday when my buddy who works for a small independent label complained that an entire shipment of cassettes had been damaged. He has boxes of cracked tapes that received a physics lesson about forces acting upon stuff somewhere along the delivery route.

I felt bad for him, but couldn't wrap my head around why anyone would buy a cassette of anything - they sound terrible, they warp easily, and they get tangled worse than iPod headphones in your pocket.

One bit of cassette tape nostalgia I can relate to, however, involves the lost art of the mixtape. That's why this Bluetooth cassette caught my attention!

Now, I get it that we still made mixes for friends using cd's and now streaming service and techmology the likes of Spotify. That's fine. But the thing that doesn't do it for is the ability to skip a song. I spent an hour getting the mix just right for you, ya turd, listen to it! So, if there's one thing to be stoked about on the return of the cassette, it's that maybe we'll make tapes for each other that aren't easily skippable causing us to find a new song to love before later burning it with fire after the teenage breakup that follows...

Mixxim launched a Bluetooth cassette called MIXXTAPE that interfaces with your stand alone speaker or headset to store and play songs. While it seems like it's just another way to load a jumble of sexy music onto a device, it speaks directly to the easily swayed nostalgia center of your brain - the part that sends money places to get things you don't need. While this thing has a touchscreen interface killing my "don't skip songs" essence of a great mix, it still looks like it could be a fun success.

My question: will you shell out $40 for this pocket playlist or just stick to your smartphone and it's Bluetooth-ability?